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Website Development
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2D and 3D Animations and Interactions, Fast Development Speed, Fully responsive, No Website Maintenance Required, Clean Code, Fast Loading Speeds, Client Portals, Member Sites, Easy to Edit Back-end
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Christian Beatty
Hey friend, I'm Christian Beatty!

Beighty is a website development and marketing solutions agency by yours truly.

My capabilities position me best to serve people by developing marketing ecosystem solutions that tackle traffic, leads, customer acquisition, and retention.
Organization + Automations
Leveraging tools to remove repetitive tasks that help people do more in less time at a fraction of the cost.
Genesis Power Solutions website screenshot
branding, website development, and design for a solar power company in Mesa, AZ.
Graphic Design
Logo, branding, and website design. Experience in Figma and Adobe Illustrator.
Atlas website screenshot
creative website development for a fashion show in Phoenix, AZ.
website design
website development
website content